Monday, 27 November 2017

Cosy Little Toes {Ft. Voksi part II}

 At the end of the summer I decided to change pushchairs; with little E growing so fast and getting tall just like his brother, it was much needed. Having had one in the past I knew the only pram I'd be after would be from the Baby Jogger range. For me they're just the best when it comes to an everyday pushchair; wide and comfortable seat, easy to push, crazy easy to fold. Although we've had the Elite version before (and it is gorgeous) I decided to go with the more compact (and less pricey) City Mini. I knew it would be suitable for what we needed it for and at this stage would do perfectly well for our wild little guy, who is much more determined to walk these days. I picked one up a few weeks ago and I'm just as pleased with it as I thought I'd be.
Voksi asked us a little while ago to try out their childrens foot-muffs and since then I've been looking forward to getting him out and giving one a try in the Baby Jogger; now the cold weather has arrived it's the perfect time to get him all cosy for walks and of course the school run. The last couple of weeks seem to have seen off the golden Autumn days we were having but we managed to fit in a day out to catch the last few turning leaves.
Thankfully the Baby Jogger is generous in length, even the more compact City Mini, as the large extension on the Voksi bags are quite long, however it happens to sit perfectly without touching the front wheel. It was really easy to fit as the pre-cut holes in the sides and back cater for practically all pram harnesses. It sits lovely and snug within the seat as does the fur hood which looks so luxurious. I love the Melange Metallic colour as it goes with anything and looks really modern and smart.
As I've mentioned before, the bottom is filled with wool while the top is feather and down so it really does keep the heat in while protecting against the cold wind. Using natural materials also means better temperature regulation making it much more comfortable for snoozing. Little E has had a few long sleeps while out and about and I've been impressed at how warm its kept him without him feeling hot or sweaty, as you often find with other foot-muffs. If you did want to allow a little extra ventilation, the two way zippers make it easy to open in part or full.
I really wish I'd had one from newborn with the boys; they're just so soft and cosy! 
It really is no easy task keeping these boys contained but at least when they are sitting still they're lovely and warm in this chilly weather, thanks to Voksi!

NB Post in collaboration with Voksi. All opinions are entirely our own


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Stories for Christmas {Our Book Advent Calendar}


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Ready for Winter {Ft. Voksi}


Friday, 10 November 2017

In The Stars

Our home is pretty much ninety percent child orientated in that everything we have focuses on the fact that there are two small people running around the house; one who likes playing with Nerf guns late at night and the other who will empty any box, cupboard or drawer they can get their hands into, and both enjoy climbing. over. every. thing. We do tend to have to keep things quite simple and practical, which in a way is my type of styling anyway (probably not so much Joes!) as I love the clean, minimal look. I think we also realise that it won't be this way for ever and that there are more important things to us than being able to display things around our home that won't get sticky little fingers all over! Having said that we do have small corners of our own dotted around in hidden places and small things that we've had since before we got married are kept on shelves where they're visible to us and out of reach to others!
I think it's easy to lose yourselves as people when you become parents; I know it's a cliche but you can get so caught up in your children and their needs that sometimes you forget what you did before! While I don't think it's worst thing in the world, it's always nice to be reminded of special times you had before, and as a married couple, that it all started with just the two of you.

Joe very unexpectedly surprised me with a really beautiful gift a few weeks ago that I just love and I thought I'd share it with you, as it is on our living room wall now.
He'd come across a website called The Night Sky that makes custom star maps for any date you choose. The stars have been a bit of a prevailing theme in our relationship for lots of reasons, but the night we got engaged, my birthday, we were actually sat out in my mum's garden (on a trampoline no less) looking up at the stars like we often did; The map is a copy of the constellations that were in the sky on that night. I was totally bowled over by such a thoughtful gift (and may have cried a little.) I'm not great with saying how proud I am to have Joe as my husband but I am continually surprised by his capacity to show me so much love and grace. It really meant a lot to me to receive something like this, that's so connected to our story.
We don't have a lot of things in our home that are just for us so I love that this square is ours. I love that we have this memento on our wall of the night we decided to start this crazy and beautiful journey. It's something I hope will stay in our home forever and remind us how it all started, 
with just the two of us. 


Friday, 3 November 2017

A Little Mama Time {Ft. Spruce Moose}

Like most busy mums with little children, time to myself isn't something I tend to get much of.
The days just don't seem to be long enough and even being as organised as possible doesn't mean much if your little one is suddenly poorly or just needs you. I'm not really any good making time-out for myself a priority but I don't think any mother is; our families come first of course and then there's always something that needs doing or an extra job we can cram in to those few minutes while they're napping or distracted with a toy or their favourite show. Motherhood is a massive juggling act and keeping everything spinning can be exhausting. I think everyone has their limits and you have to be able to realise when you just need some time; whether its an hour or so at the shops or just being able to drink a hot cup of tea in peace!
My quiet time tend to be early morning as little E is usually up at the crack of dawn and thankfully is very happy just sitting next to me on the sofa having tea and toast and watching Moana.
Actually making time to go out and do things by myself isn't something I'm great at; in truth it doesn't bother me too much as I love doing things as a family more than anything but I suppose it does come down to a healthy dose of Mum guilt too!
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