Friday, 3 November 2017

A Little Mama Time {Ft. Spruce Moose}

Like most busy mums with little children, time to myself isn't something I tend to get much of.
The days just don't seem to be long enough and even being as organised as possible doesn't mean much if your little one is suddenly poorly or just needs you. I'm not really any good making time-out for myself a priority but I don't think any mother is; our families come first of course and then there's always something that needs doing or an extra job we can cram in to those few minutes while they're napping or distracted with a toy or their favourite show. Motherhood is a massive juggling act and keeping everything spinning can be exhausting. I think everyone has their limits and you have to be able to realise when you just need some time; whether its an hour or so at the shops or just being able to drink a hot cup of tea in peace!
My quiet time tend to be early morning as little E is usually up at the crack of dawn and thankfully is very happy just sitting next to me on the sofa having tea and toast and watching Moana.
Actually making time to go out and do things by myself isn't something I'm great at; in truth it doesn't bother me too much as I love doing things as a family more than anything but I suppose it does come down to a healthy dose of Mum guilt too!

A few weeks ago I got to do something quite new for me through the blog, as I was asked to visit a fairly newly opened salon in Harrogate, Spruce Moose. They very kindly offered me the chance to try out one of their many treatments and experience their lovely salon on Albert Street. I felt like this was such a wonderful opportunity not only to do something different on the blog but to write more about some of the great local businesses here, something I've been hoping to do for a while. Harrogate is such a fantastic town and although I'll always be a Leeds lass at heart I feel very much at home here and have done since we moved over twelve years ago now. There are so many hidden gems here and more popping up all the time. The Spruce Moose opened nearly a year ago in the newly rebuilt Westgate building.
(Photo Credit Spruce Moose)
I decided to give the express facial a try; having never been to a salon before I was a little worried about someone seeing my flaws close up! My skin was always a problem for me growing up and still is at times but I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some feedback about taking better care of it. I'm a little aware that I'm turning thirty next year and my bad routines are starting to show!
So, I left the littlest in my husbands capable hands and headed off for my bit of Mama time; It happened to be a particularly stormy day so I turned up soaked and slightly windswept even though I'd only ran from the car!
 On arriving the first thing you notice is how inviting the salon is, with it's calming colours and lighting. I love the tranquil soft green and purple theme throughout. The quiet and calm atmosphere feels miles away from the busy shopping centre just outside. Emma the owner was so friendly and welcoming and I instantly felt at ease. The Spruce Moose Unisex Salon is a new concept in beauty treatments; a small monthly membership fee gives you 40% off all treatments meaning you start saving straight away. Its a fabulous idea if you already have regular treatments or if you just want to start giving yourself a little TLC more often.
I had a lovely tour of the whole salon and each treatment room is beautiful with soft music and dimmed lights; there is also a small area for relaxing after treatments. Downstairs has a large space where there is the manicure area, there are also some big massage chairs for pedicures and foot treatments that look amazing!
I headed upstairs for my first facial where I got lovely and comfortable on the treatment couch and covered with super soft Egyptian cotton towels. My therapist, Maria started off giving my skin a really deep cleanse using hot towels and a range called Comfort Zone which smells and feels gorgeous. It is a naturally derived range and is completely free of Parabens, Silicones and other undesirable ingredients making it much gentler on skin and free from any nasty chemicals.She also used a clay based mask to draw out impurities; I think I was so relaxed by this point I might have nodded off mid massage! It felt so good to just have that time to myself and enjoy being pampered for a change. The last thing was to re-hydrate my skin with a gentle moisturiser, again by Comfort Zone which left my skin feeling so soft.  Afterwards I had a bit of quiet time in the relaxation area and Maria gave me some great tips for looking after my skin which were really helpful; It was my first experience of the Comfort Zone range but having tried it, It's definitely something I'll be treating myself to again.
Although it was an express facial {30 minutes} I was so well looked after and it really did feel much longer; it was the perfect treat and I left on a little cloud of chilled contentment!
(Photo Credit Spruce Moose)
I had such a wonderful time being pampered at Spruce Moose and I'm sure I'll be making my little bit of Mama time at their gorgeous salon more of a regular thing; I'm very grateful to Emma and her lovely team for their warm welcome and making me feel like I'd just walked out of a spa!
I definitely recommend stopping by the Spruce Moose; It's in the perfect spot for some post retail therapy-therapy!
Everyone needs some Me time every now and then...

NB Post in Collaboration with Spruce Moose however all opinions are entirely my own


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