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Keeping the Kids snuggly! {Another look at the Voksi Sleeping Bags}


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My lovely little bakers {Ft. Messy Me Baking Kits}


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Getting Creative with little Brian Paint sticks


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Inspiring little minds {EduPrintsPlus}


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The Sea Creatures Tour {Harrogate 2018}


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Creative Learning & STEAM + M {Fern Club Harrogate}


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Hello Autumn {Spiced Apple cake with Brown Butter Icing & Caramel Sauce}


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Time To Read {Book Trust}


Saturday, 15 September 2018

Little Explorers {Ft. Discovery}

As much as I can I try to get the boys outside as often as possible; by that I mean doing outdoor activities, walking and just being around nature. They love big open spaces where they can run about and usually a lot of fresh air means they are more relaxed and sleep better (sometimes!) I think being outside does kids no end of good- even as an adult I feel so much more focused after a long walk or a run. We're really lucky to live where there are so many areas of greenery and woodland. Whenever we get a free day together we're more often than not heading off into the Dales for long walks and to explore old towns. 
This summer I really wanted to take the kids camping as the weather was great and I love the idea of us all sleeping under the stars away from technology, but with one thing and another we just didn't get round to it; it's on my list though so hopefully we will at some point! In my enthusiasm I did drag out tent out a few weeks ago and set it up in the garden and the boys loved playing in it and just living in the garden! I picked up a fantastic book about teaching children outdoor skills - supervised of course- like gathering tinder for fires, cooking outside and spotting different creatures and animals. TJ has got really into it over the last few weeks so he was so excited when we were sent a Young Explorers Discovery set
We've been putting together a little outdoor bag for him to take when we go out walking, with things he might need whilst exploring and everything in the set is perfect for that.
The set comes with a Compass, Binoculars, field Microscope, notebook and pencil. We learnt all about using a Compass together, and the field Microscope is brilliant. We all really enjoyed putting bugs under there and seeing things we'd collected under the lens. It's a great tool for encouraging kids to look closer at things they wouldn't usually notice and get them asking questions and learning. TJ loved writing his observations down in his own notebook and telling us what he'd found. 
The Binoculars are just the right size for small hands and have their own mini Compass on them. 
It's a great little set and perfect to get inquisitive minds going. Even Little E enjoyed spotting things through the Binoculars!

Now that the weather's really changing it can take a bit more effort to get them bundled up and out, but once we get going we're all so much better for it; and being able to teach them important skills they might just need one day is always a good idea!

What do your little people love to do outside?

NB Collaborative post however all opinions are entirely our own


Friday, 31 August 2018

The Great Brick Adventure {Harrogate}

It's hard to remember a time when Lego wasn't part of my everyday life; 
I've long forgotten what it feels like to walk around the house barefoot without the fear of stepping on a stray piece at the back of my mind. All the boys in this house are obsessed with Lego. 
As soon as he could talk, it was all TJ wanted to play with and little E is the same. I complain often about the stuff being literally everywhere, but in truth I think it's an amazing toy. I might not have noticed my sons keen eye for symmetry or his wildly creative streak so young had it not been around. We've have more long conversations while building on his brick covered bedroom floor probably more than anywhere else. It seems to draw out childrens focus and creativity more than any other toy I've seen and at the same time it appeals to everyone. 
We've been to Lego events before but there has been serious excitement in the air since we were invited to come to The Great Brick Adventure - which is is on from today until Sunday at the Harrogate International Centre. 

The Great Brick Adventure event is centred on the amazing creations of a company called Bright Bricks who build incredible sculptures entirely out of Lego. 
Bright Bricks have been touring the country but this is their first visit to Harrogate. 
When we got there - literally as early as we could as the boys were up from 6am - I wasn't sure what it would be like. I knew there would be models and I worried we'd spend the day trying to stop the kids from knocking over something that had taken 782049 hours to create in an avalanche of Lego! Thankfully, there was so much that was hands on and other things to do they were happy to stay behind the roped off exhibits (well little E had a few tempting moments...). I wont's spoil it too much for you but to give you an idea...
The first room has all the safari exhibits, many look to scale including Kangaroos, Lions, Zebras and a massive Elephant. There are Lego and Duplo pits dotted about with lots of hands on sculptures like a space ship and cars that they can actually sit in, which they absolutely loved.
There's a Warrior Bot arena where you can watch and take part in Lego robot battles, it was really fun to watch and the models are so clever. After having a go with one himself I think TJ would have stayed there all day...!

There are some great little stalls selling all kinds of Lego related things as well as sets and mini-figures for any collectors; The jewellery and clocks are handmade from online store Geeky Cool

Downstairs was my favourite room as it was filled with the most intricate models of mythical creatures. It's quite dark in their but all the models are lit up which looks so effective, again there are giant Lego building pits there too. 

It's a fantastic day out for anyone who loves Lego but to be honest I'd say pretty great even if you don't!
The sculptures are really amazing and I'm not sure where you'd get the chance to see anything similar ( maybe unless you went to Lego land of course!) 
We had a great day; It really is worth a visit before the little ones head off back into school next week. For us it was a brilliant day to end the summer holidays!

The Great brick Adventure is on until Sunday 3rd of September at the Harrogate International Centre

NB Collaborative post with Harrogate International Centre who kindly gifted us a family ticket however all opinions are entirely our own


Wednesday, 25 July 2018

A Jurassic Discovery Trail at RHS Harlow Carr Gardens {Harrogate}


Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The iZi Flex FIX i-Size {BeSafe Scandinavian Safety}


Little Corners {Our Home}

When we first moved into our home six years ago, we started trying to tidy it up more or less straight away.
It's a rented house, though when we moved in it wasn't particularly up to date...Everything was pretty worn, including the very outdated kitchen and carpets all through the house. Almost every room is covered in a type of bark looking fresco wallpaper and most of it was magnolia.
Over the years we've done what we can do-as we don't own the house- to brighten it up and make it ours, but it still needs work and isn't really how we would like it. A splash of white paint has made it feel lighter and we've done jobs like stripping floors ourselves and cleaning carpets but we're in that middle place where our hands are tied; unless the owner chooses to update it we can't. Saying that I really do love this house, it's where we started out as parents, where all their childhood memories are; and although it's a bit like an old worn out winter coat it's still our cosy and safe place. Being at home more, I think the changes I'd like to make probably bother me the most, so I try to stay on top of things in the house and not over clutter. Having little ones, it's too easy to end up with too much of everything, especially when you consider all the Christmas and birthday gifts they get given and people's offerings of hand me down clothes, books, toys etc - which although are very appreciated can accumulate seriously fast! I am a bit militant when it comes to downsizing and I try to go though the kids things at least every couple of months (or less...) and give away things they don't wear or play with any more. I sometimes don't even know where it all comes from but you can guarantee I'll have several black bags full by the end.
Personally I don't really collect anything and I'm not particularly sentimental unless it's things like photos or special gifts. I'm a huge fan of the charity shops simply because they're so cheap and when you've had enough of the clothes you can just re-donate them, so it's less waste! I think it's just down to personal character; I feel much better when there's less around me. I can't concentrate in mess- probably why I get so little blogging done... Over the last couple of years I've really tried to clear the house of things we just don't need and I've found a big difference in the amount of tidying up I do. There's still the endless washing, dishes and general messiness that comes with living with three boys but because there are less things, there's less time spent tidying it up. I think it benefits children to have less as well; often I put toys away and they don't even remember they had them at all.
I've had to get used to the fact that while I can't completely change our home I can create pretty areas here and there that keep me happy. A jug of fresh flowers and some new candles is often enough or even just having a few simple shelves with things I like on them. Last year I changed our dining room into more of a sitting room and added a comfy chair and new rug. Its a nice place to sit and listen to music looking out into the garden or read while the kids play.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Inspiring Little Minds {Ft. Eureka!}

Last weekend we took a drive to Halifax and I'm pretty sure me and Joe were even more excited than the kids...
We were invited to visit Eureka! The National children's museum which prides itself on being a completely interactive experience for kids. Joe visited before on a school trip (Many, many years ago.) but myself and the little guys have never been before. I've heard nothing but great things about this place since I was a child myself so I was really hoping it was going to live up to all that expectation!

It's a pretty exciting sight seeing this big building with a yellow brick road leading up to the main doors. The boys literally raced down it and once we got inside we could barely contain them to get our tickets sorted! We went on a fairly busy Saturday, though there was so much to do it didn't impact our enjoyment at all. I tried to take lots of photos but it wasn't easy when trying to avoid getting other people's children in the shot, so I apologise there isn't as many as I'd like. Then again I wouldn't want to spoil it for you either!

StrEat Festival Fun {Harrogate}


Monday, 18 June 2018

ERF and Trying out the new iZi Modular i-Size {BeSafe Scandinavian Safety}


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The Date Project


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Stepping out & Accessorising for Summer {Ft. Rosie Phillips}

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