Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Hello New Year

Hello Again...
As usual I started December with lots of plans for the festive season, pinning all the recipes and thinking of all the crafts I wanted to do with the boys over the holidays. Every year I say we should slow it down but once the tree goes up everything seems to just be non stop! There are so many more traditions nowadays; Elves on shelves, toy and book calendars, Christmas eve boxes, gingerbread houses, family photos with matching pyjamas and big all-day visits to see Santa. 
When we were younger we visited Father Christmas at a department store with cotton wool on the grotto roof and our advent calendars had pictures inside! Christmas preparations started in December and the sales started in January. I love Christmas but since having kids I feel like there is just so much pressure to do everything. There's nothing better than seeing your children experiencing all the magic of Christmas but maybe we put just a bit too much on ourselves to make it perfect? I know I'm guilty of overdoing it; and usually by January I'm ready for a holiday! 
This year has been quite different, although, pretty unintentionally. The week before school holidays TJ came down with a really nasty bug, he missed most of school that week and by the weekend was in bed with a temperature. We hoped it would see itself off in a couple of days but it he was still feeling poorly after almost a week. By then it had spread to Joe and the littlest guy. Somehow I managed to be the last one standing, and despite Christmas edging closer the only thing I was thinking about was seeing the boys back to normal. Instead of baking and shopping we were home under blankets with two sleepy boys surrounded by mess and trying to get any food at all to stay down. Its the strangest thing how your world becomes so small when your children are poorly. 
Our Christmas became much less about baking gingerbread and more about finding food they could actually eat and keep in their tummies for more than a few hours. By Christmas eve they both seemed better although I didn't get to Mass, being thrown up on literally ten minutes before I thought they seemed well enough!
Our Christmas was small and quiet. We found a peace in just being together and keeping things from being overwhelming.  I realised that even the most challenging times as a parent can be a gift if you choose to see them from a different angle. I got to spend so much proper time with them over the holidays, I got so many extra cuddles and without even meaning to we avoided a lot of the unnecessary stress and rushing about that we always end up doing. So while we might not have had a picture perfect Christmas we were certainly Blessed this year. It seems God gives abundantly to us but always in unexpected ways.
As always the blog tend to suffer when life gets hectic and as much as I feel disappointed to be neglecting this space, being able to put my family first is the most important thing to me and something I'm really grateful to be able to do. Blogging fits in alongside my life as well as it can right now; it gives me my own space to be creative, to be myself; it gives me the opportunity to connect with some wonderful people and work with great companies.
So I suppose that's my opening theme for 2018! Being grateful. For everything so far and everything the coming year has in store.
I hope your New year has started out well!
Thanks for sticking around.

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