Friday, 23 February 2018

Easy Cinnamon Rolls

I do so much less baking than I used to, mainly because I literally can't seem to find the time. If I do bake it's with the little guys and generally involves a lot of mess. Actually baking something that gives me that creative outlet and satisfaction has taken a backseat for a while; when you have so many other things to do at home the first thing to be put on the back burner are our own hobbies. Saying that I'm going to really try over the next few months to make time to be more creative in different ways, as well as cooking, simply because it really is a good thing to actually have that outlet. I always find it such a great stress reliever being able to focus my attention on creating something lovely rather than practical for once. 
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Last week TJ and I decided to get cracking with some super easy cinnamon rolls that are perfect for lazy Saturday mornings. We are all a bit obsessed with Cinnabons in the house, but as we don't have any local stores (yet?) Joe tends to take the task on when he has time and makes a big batch--they freeze really well which helps. They are so. Good. But so time consuming and kind of exhausting (it's all the kneading!) On a recent trip to our local Sainsbury's though, we spotted some frozen pizza dough and Joe suggested it would probably work for cinnamon rolls too. I've never actually seen frozen dough anywhere but always thought it a good idea. I've never been organised enough to make and freeze it myself though! We sat it in the fridge overnight to thaw out, although this can be done in the microwave, and because Joe was working a long Saturday shift the task fell to me and TJ. 
They took us literally 10 minutes to put together and not much more to bake; I was hoping they'd be good but actually found myself quite surprised at how good they were. Although smaller they were just as sweet, soft and squidgy as you'd want a Cinnabon to be. Although the dough doesn't have any sugar in, because they are filled with the brown cinnamon sugar and covered in cream cheese frosting it's not noticeable at all. You get more crispy edges but the insides are just as soft and doughy. They went down really well with everyone here, and although we won't be abandoning the original versions just yet these are going to make pretty good stand in's to satisfy our Cinnabon cravings!

Quick Cinnamon Rolls 
1 x Pack Pizza Dough (We used Northern Dough Co. which has two 220g rolls in)
150g Margarine
200g Brown Sugar
4 Tsp Cinnamon (or however much you like!)

50g Butter
100g Cream Cheese
300g Icing Sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla

Combine sugar, Margarine and Cinnamon in a bowl.
Once the dough has thawed roll out into two or one large rectangle and spread the mixture over to the ends. Roll up and cut into equal discs (not too thin!) then place into a baking tray side by side.
Bake at 180 for about 15-20 mins but keep an eye on them. You'll want them slightly under-baked with golden brown edges.
Combine all frosting ingredients in a bowl, mix until smooth. 
Once out of the oven cool slightly, then spread frosting over while still warm.
Try not to eat a whole tray.

If you give these a try I'd love to see them, or if you've made anything else delicious recently!

Have a good weekend


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