Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Looking Back {ft. Cheerz}

Before Christmas TJ finished his first school project. It was all about telling your life story and the most significant events. We spent a long while looking through photos and talking about the different stages of his life. He's always loved looking through albums and always asks questions about our childhood memories. He is fascinated by the past and how his own story fits into ours, something I love telling him about. I have so many photos of his first year and beyond; I have tried to put them together in a scrapbook type way before now but to be honest it never got close to being finished. He looks though his baby photos so often I've recently took to just leaving the box in his room for him to look through! Putting him a baby book of his own together is something I've wanted to do for a while and since we've been doing his project together and having all the photos out, now seemed like a good time to get it done! I wanted him to have all of these most special memories in one place; so he can look through it easily and see where our life started as a family.
 I wanted something with plenty of pages for holding photos and this Cheerz album is perfect for their first year. There are a few specific pages, such as for scan photos and their first birthday but then lots of lovely blank pages in between. I love that there's so much space to write your own words unlike standard baby books which are much more formal in their layout.
The book is a gorgeous quality hardback and comes with 30 prints as well as a selection of adorable stickers for different milestones. I love the soft pastel colours throughout the pages. It would make such a lovely gift for new parents but equally if you want a special keepsake to put together with your child which is what is has been for us.
TJ and I loved creating this together; it was a really lovely opportunity to relive all those precious memories. I'm already planning to put one together for little E so he has his own keepsake of his special first year!

P.S Cheerz have kindly given me a code for £5 off on their site (min spend £20) so you can create your own special keepsakes 40K6J7

NB Collaborative post with Cheerz. All opinions are entirely our own. 


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