Monday, 23 April 2018

The Greatest Show! {Ft. Paulos Circus}

There has been a lot of talk over the last few months about the new movie, "The Greatest Showman".
Most people I know who have seen it have been back to the cinema more than once, so I was a little intrigued to find out whether it stood up to all the hype. Well a couple of weeks ago I finally got around to seeing it and actually loved it!
The soundtrack has been on repeat pretty much since then... much to Joe and TJ's annoyance as it's not really their kind of thing (I've heard them both singing along though so they're close to breaking..!) As you can imagine then I was a little excited when Paulo's Circus invited us to come along to one of their York shows at the weekend.
I have only been to the circus once and I almost have no recollection of it as I was quite young.
The Darnell's family circus has been going since 1816 and they have performed for thousands throughout their history all over the country. While their original acts involved animals, they decided a while ago to not use them anymore in their performances.
I was really looking forward to experiencing the circus with the boys as we've never been together.
I think the industry has certainly taken a hit in modern times. It's not something that springs to mind when you're thinking of ideas to do with the kids, which is a shame for the families who have been entertaining for most of their life and have some amazing talents to share.
There's such a big difference seeing live entertainment; the whole experience is so memorable and exciting as a child;
The lights, sounds, smells and anticipation are things that you really remember!
 We set off for York where Paulo's are currently doing shows until the 13th of May. Seeing the big top was so exciting and the boys were itching to get inside. We were advised to get there ahead of time, and thankfully we did as a large queue soon formed. We sat quite close to the front but there looked like a pretty good view from all around the tent; it was much bigger inside than it looked and was lit up with streams of carnival lights.

  The show is sandwiched with a set of incredible stunts from the "Los Sanchez Trio" on the "Wheel of Death" I've never seen anything like it before and I won't spoil it for you, but they are extremely talented; Even little E couldn't take his eyes off them! 
The Knife throwing act was amazing and the in-between entertainment from Mr N and the ringmaster, Leigh, had us all laughing with cheesy jokes and costumes. Both boys were stunned when the tent was plunged into darkness and the Laser act started, it was really incredible to experience! My favourite part had to be the aerial hoop and trapeze act; the performer made it look so effortless and it was spellbinding to watch. The rest of the seventy minutes were crammed with a fantastic juggling act, tightrope stunts and more comedy from Mr N. The whole show was just the right amount of time for our two; there's plenty of lights and music to keep little people engaged, Little E even enjoyed a little dance in the aisles!
If you can get to a Paulo's Circus we'd definitely recommend it;
it was such a different weekend treat for us and it was great that it was something we all could enjoy as a family, not to mention value for money. I'd like to thank Paulo's for such a memorable afternoon and for their warm welcome. They clearly put their heart into their family business and it certainly shows.

You can catch Paulo's at the Roko Health Club in York until the 13th May

NB Post in Collaboration with Paulo's Circus who kindly gifted us these tickets however all opinions are entirely our own.


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