Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The iZi Flex FIX i-Size {BeSafe Scandinavian Safety}

 A few weeks ago I wrote about our experiences with the iZi Modular for little E and I've been looking forward to sharing how we got on with the iZi Flex FIX for TJ. This is actually the first booster seat on the market that meets the new R129-2 regulation. These new regulations mean a childs height rather than weight is taken into account, so there is no weight requirement or limitation anymore. Children up to 135cm or 12 years old- whichever is sooner- need to be seated in a car seat to give them the most protection possible in an accident. In other places in Europe the limit is actually 150cm which is something worth considering.
I think the new regulations are a brilliant change- I personally can't believe its taken so long to change the law and make seat safer considering how long cars have been on the road!

One important thing to note that I have learned from speaking to different experts in car seat safety is to absolutely "max out the height" before you switch car seats. So make sure your child is at the height limit before moving to a forward facing seat/booster. According to the experts, moving up one stage, to the next car seat group, takes the safety down one step as well. Boosters are the last car seat your child will use and so not as safe as rear facing; children can apparently sit quite comfortably up until six so it's worth considering. I had no idea about this so thought I'd pass that little bit of info on!

 It took a little longer for the chair arrive as its so new, but it was well worth the wait. 
We got the chance to see the new BeSafe range at the Harrogate Nursery Fair in March and one of the great features about them is that their size can be reduced to a width of 44cm due to their removable side impact bumpers; this means that you are much more likely to be able to fit fit three in a row in the back of the car, even smaller ones, which I know many parents will be very pleased to hear. We have a very compact Renault Modus and are not sure we could squeeze three in the back but our car is very small!

Our iZi Flex Fix arrived in the gorgeous navy melange to match little E's Modular. It's really well padded with a great shape and the headrest is adjustable for the perfect fit for a child from 100cm to 150cm. Obviously this is the first high back booster we've had with ISO Fix arms, which we used to fit into our car fairly easily but it can also be used without. The belt guide is really handy as it means the belt stays safely across their chest and keeps the lap-belt in place. There is a handle which lifts up on the top of the chair to make it easier to carry when transferring- it's pretty light too.
One of my favourite things about this chair is that the seat can be tilted back slightly to recline for a more comfortable position. TJ is six and still falls asleep during longs journeys so it's just a nice little feature. The clip on cushion pad for the seat belt- the Pad+- makes the belt more comfortable under their chin but more importantly is designed to actually decrease neck load and protect their chin and chest in the event of a collision. It's soft padded and really easy to position comfortably.

The iZi Flex FIX i-Size has been through the new R-129-2 regulations but has also passed the even more rigorous German ADAC test where it received "Good" scores in all tested categories- not something easy to do!

   As for using the car seat- TJ loves it and finds it really comfortable. The chair looks so smart and I'm sure he'll be very happy in it until he maxes out the height!
What is great about the Besafe seats is how well they combine brilliant safety standards with comfort. It's no easy task getting children to sit in chairs where they are belted in or confined but because they are designed so well- ergonomically in fact- we've just found the boys are so much more relaxed in the car- seriously!

Again we are so impressed with BeSafe and this last stage of their range of car seats. 
They're a fantastic addition to our daily life as parents and most importantly keep our children safe where they need it most, which is a real weight off our minds.

NB Collaborative post with BeSafe International however all opinions are entirely our own. Information on car seats/ safety/ fitting is what we have found to be accurate however it should not be substituted for advice from a qualified professional.


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