Saturday, 15 September 2018

Little Explorers {Ft. Discovery}

As much as I can I try to get the boys outside as often as possible; by that I mean doing outdoor activities, walking and just being around nature. They love big open spaces where they can run about and usually a lot of fresh air means they are more relaxed and sleep better (sometimes!) I think being outside does kids no end of good- even as an adult I feel so much more focused after a long walk or a run. We're really lucky to live where there are so many areas of greenery and woodland. Whenever we get a free day together we're more often than not heading off into the Dales for long walks and to explore old towns. 
This summer I really wanted to take the kids camping as the weather was great and I love the idea of us all sleeping under the stars away from technology, but with one thing and another we just didn't get round to it; it's on my list though so hopefully we will at some point! In my enthusiasm I did drag out tent out a few weeks ago and set it up in the garden and the boys loved playing in it and just living in the garden! I picked up a fantastic book about teaching children outdoor skills - supervised of course- like gathering tinder for fires, cooking outside and spotting different creatures and animals. TJ has got really into it over the last few weeks so he was so excited when we were sent a Young Explorers Discovery set
We've been putting together a little outdoor bag for him to take when we go out walking, with things he might need whilst exploring and everything in the set is perfect for that.
The set comes with a Compass, Binoculars, field Microscope, notebook and pencil. We learnt all about using a Compass together, and the field Microscope is brilliant. We all really enjoyed putting bugs under there and seeing things we'd collected under the lens. It's a great tool for encouraging kids to look closer at things they wouldn't usually notice and get them asking questions and learning. TJ loved writing his observations down in his own notebook and telling us what he'd found. 
The Binoculars are just the right size for small hands and have their own mini Compass on them. 
It's a great little set and perfect to get inquisitive minds going. Even Little E enjoyed spotting things through the Binoculars!

Now that the weather's really changing it can take a bit more effort to get them bundled up and out, but once we get going we're all so much better for it; and being able to teach them important skills they might just need one day is always a good idea!

What do your little people love to do outside?

NB Collaborative post however all opinions are entirely our own


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