Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Inspiring little minds {EduPrintsPlus}

One of the things I've noticed about children so much more since having my own, is just how much information they absorb and how the words we say influence them.  I've always thought of myself as a positive person until I heard my child repeat some of the things I've said! I think it's easy to get into a negative mindset sometimes, but I hope that I can encourage my children to always veer on the side of hopefulness and have a solid belief in their abilities.
I try to remind my children as often as I can how wonderful they are, to always be kind and to try their hardest in every situation, (even little E who is still so little! ) but I think visual aids are always a fantastic help when it comes to driving the message home. 
Our eldest is six and has been quite advanced at speaking and reading from an early age; he has always had a fascination with words and more often than not is asking me what something means or how to use it in a sentence. It's something which is always mentioned to us by his teachers who have often been amazed at his language skills! He loves to read and has an impressive ability to remember things so seeing them in front of him is always the best way for him to memorise them. 

EduPrintsPlus asked us if we would like to review some of their educational and inspirational prints so I headed over to their website to check out their range. 
As well as doing super colourful prints of the times tables which are great for maths skills, they also do vocabulary posters which are something I haven't come across before. These help children to expand their language skills by showing the different ways of saying one thing. I love this idea of a kids Thesaurus style print as it's something we used to play as a game with TJ and still do. We'd encourage him to think a word and them other words which mean similar. (We aren't super academics who make their children do word games, it was really at his prompting! )

In the end I let him choose his own prints and of course he went the inspirational range; he loves anything colourful and cheerful! We have just finished doing his room up a little so these were headed straight there. We have a lot of white walls in our home as I just find it easier to maintain and restyle. It also makes for the perfect backdrop when you want to add bright prints like these to a room and really makes them stand out!
The prints arrived and I was so surprised at the quality of the printing and the their thickness. They feel such great quality and the colours are so crisp and bright. The finish is a lovely matt and they have surface protection from sunlight and dirt, so perfect to display just as they are. They are A3 so a great size to show off the designs and even though we picked different coloured posters they look really good as a set. Now we've seen them up we definitely want to add more to our home. 
I've made the back room downstairs into a a sort of play den for them and I think some of the educational prints will look great in there and hopefully, help them a little with their Maths and English skills as they grow!

All in all, if you're looking for some colourful prints with education and inspiration in mind, I highly recommend EduPrintsPlus. 
They're make such a fab addition to a room and are a cheerful reminder for little ones to keep learning and dreaming big.

NB Collaborative post with EduPrintsPlus however all opinions are entirely our own


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