Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Getting Creative with little Brian Paint sticks

  Our two absolutely love any excuse to get creative and generally it involves a lot of mess.
We've got all the pens, pencils and crayons but kids usually go for the brightest and most colourful option, and that usually means getting out the paint. I can guarantee they'll choose painting over any other craft, and although I love seeing them expressing themselves through creativity, I don't love cleaning paint off the ceiling. It doesn't really matter how many aprons or plastic covers I buy, there always ends up being hand prints all up the stair wall! To be honest I've long since given up keeping our walls in pristine white condition but the prospect of clean up means I tend to limit the artistic sessions and give them something else to do more often!

It looks like Little Brian have picked up on solving the issue of containing the mess by creating these brilliant paint sticks which the boys have been trying out this week. I wasn't sure about these at first as I thought they might just be concentrated paint but they're actually more of a very vibrant crayon feel. They are so colourful and the results are really effective on all kinds of surfaces even wood! They're dry almost instantly and the colour doesn't rub off like you would expect. The come in a great range from metallic to neon and they even do a set for fabrics which TJ loved using. You literally just draw onto the fabric then set with an iron or hairdryer and you can wash without losing your design. 

It's easy to rave about products which are gifted but I try to always be completely honest about things we try out; in this case I'm really impressed with these and will certainly be buying more once they run out. My kids often get fed up using crayons as the colour isn't very bright and they break, and felt tips always dry out so these have been a perfect solution for us. As they're called "Paint sticks" too, I think they feel like it's more of an activity than just drawing! 
Really, really, brilliant idea for kids who love to colour and create, and I'd say, a fantastic gift as well.

Thank you Little Brian, we love them!

NB Collaborative post with Little Brian who kindly gifted us these fab paint sticks, however all opinions are entirely our own.


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