Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Keeping the Kids snuggly! {Another look at the Voksi Sleeping Bags}

Last year we had one of the coldest winters; certainly one of the coldest in my memory. The "Beast from the East" hit and suddenly it felt like we were living in the arctic! Last year was also when we started working with Scandinavian brand, Voksi, and I'm not sure the timing could have been any better. I shared our review of their sleeping bags last year, but having just pulled them out of storage ready for the coming months, I remembered just how gorgeous they are and wanted to share a few snaps and thoughts on them again. 

There are so many things for babies and young children on the market, and it can take a while as a parent to sift out the gimmicks and unnecessary buys from the worthwhile things you just know are going to last and be used again and again. For me, the Voksi sleeping bags are one of those very worthy investments for your baby. Apart from the fact you know they'll be using it every season, you're paying for brilliant quality and natural fabrics which is essential for little ones, especially while they're snoozing. What I love so much about these is the way they are made to create a perfectly soft and cosy cocoon for your child, sheltering from cold, wind and rain but encouraging that spirit of getting your kids out into the fresh air, which of course, is very Scandinavian! The fillings of soft wool and feather and down make the perfect insulation; preventing overheating and keeping in warmth. I've given ours a good shake and they're ready to go!

What makes them a great investment too, is that they come with an extension to move up sizes; So, when your child outgrows the smaller size, you can easily attach the longer part and use up until your child is around five of six. You can also unzip the bottom for them to poke their feet out of, for muddy boots or even longer use for taller kids. This is such a great feature and one I haven't come across before; why shouldn't older children be able to get cosy too?!

I haven't been asked to write another post about these sleeping bags I just love them and wanted to share them again as the cold weather approaches, for any mums looking for recommendations for keeping little ones warm. You can find the Urban Sleeping bag here.

You can read our reviews from last year which include using them in the Baby Jogger City Mini and the Yippie Yo buggy (another fantastic investment!) 

Hope you're staying cosy...!


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