Since I became a mama something I've become more and more passionate about is cooking with my children. 
I talk about it a lot as I feel it's such as important skill to pass on to our little ones. There are so many reasons why cooking with your child is a great thing to do; it's a brilliant way to re-connect with them and talk, it engages their attention, it teaches them about food and how to nourish themselves properly, it encourages creativity...and it's fun!
I want my boys to grow up knowing how to feed themselves, to have the initiative to create meals, to enjoy food and cooking. I also love to use baking a cake or some biscuits as an excuse to play and laugh and talk with them.
You don't need to be a great cook or baking to Mary Berry's standards (although if you can, well done.);You just need a little enthusiasm and a reasonably clear(ish) spot on the kitchen counter or table.
Lovelylittlebakers is a hashtag community for anyone who loves baking with little ones;
hopefully it will be a place to share and inspire as well a source of encouragement to you and your small bakers, with giveaways for little bakers of the month and sharing my favourites through our social media.
If you're a Mum or Dad, a Grandparent, Auntie, Uncle...anyone baking with children really, then join in!
You can tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

If you would like to get involved in running this little community in any way do drop me an email at hellolittlelovely@gmail.com

Let's get baking!


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